Thursday, January 26, 2012

PIFF After Dark 2012

PIFF After Dark is back! The 35th Portland International Film Festival runs Feb. 9th-25th. The After Dark screenings will take place on Feb. 17th-18th and the 24th-25th at 11:30pm at Cinema 21. We're extremely excited about the lineup this year, featuring four excellent genre films that push cinematic boundaries. The official lineup:

Headhunters (Norway)- Roger Brown is Norway's most successful headhunter, recruiting personnel for powerful corporations. But as successful as he is, it's not enough to keep up with what he thinks his wife needs. So to keep things afloat, he uses his job to find wealthy people he can steal art from. When the master conman sets his sights on a priceless painting, it's owner turns out to be a former mercenary with a terrible secret, and Roger is in for much more than he could have imagined. His client has excellent hunting skills, leading to a perilous journey rife with gunfights, mountaintop car chases, and bloodthirsty pit bulls. Based on the bestselling Norwegian novel, this violent and twisted thriller is packed to the brim with nail-biting set pieces and surprising plot revelations guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Plays Friday 2/17 at 11:30pm at Cinema 21. Advance tickets are HERE.

Let the Bullets Fly (China) - In remote 1920's China, a gang of bandits pose as traveling government officials. When they descend on a small dusty town, they find themselves at odds with a mysterious and powerful mobster (Chow Yun Fat). Instantly suspicious of the "officials", the mobster sets into motion an intricate battle of wits, resulting in multiple double crosses, all executed at a lightning quick pace. As action packed as it is hilarious, this film is a throwback to the Hong Kong action heyday of the 80's and 90's, with a nod to classic American westerns. Plays Saturday 2/18 at 11:30pm at Cinema 21. Advance tickets are HERE.

Kill List (UK) - A truly unique crime thriller that unravels into terrifying horror! Jay, a retired hitman, is trying his hand at a normal family life. But when the money starts to dry up, he decides to take on one last high-paying job and enlists his old partner Gal. The mysterious client only gives them a short list of names, no whys, and they set out to execute the "kill list". It doesn't take long before they realize that they are involved in something far more sinister than simple assassinations. The increasingly bizarre job begins to create confusion and paranoia, until the pair are plunged into a horrific world of violent terror. Plays Friday 2/24 at 11:30pm at Cinema 21. Advance tickets are HERE.

Invasion of the Alien Bikini (South Korea) - Young-Gun is a lonely man who spends his nights protecting the innocent as a self-appointed no-budget crime fighter. "Disguised" in a raincoat and bad fake mustache, one night he fights a gang of hoodlums and saves a strange beautiful woman. Shaken up, the woman asks to come back to his apartment, where he soon finds that there is extraterrestrial involvement at work. Featuring kung fu fights, a gorgeous woman with tentacles, and an extremely erotic game of Jenga, this inventively stylized film was made for budget of less than $5,000, and is a testament to the power of creative independent filmmaking. Plays Saturday 2/25 at 11:30pm at Cinema 21. Advance tickets are HERE.

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